ABIOON Energy Solutions PV System FAQ’s

To make it easy for you we've arranged the FAQs into these categories.

  1. Why choose solar?

    By choosing solar power generation for your home or business, you can make a difference to our environment and save money at the same time.

    An ABIOON solar electric system allows you to harness the abundant power of the sun, creating sustainable energy. Connection to the electricity grid means you can get extra power if you need it, and you can “sell” any excess power you generate that you don't first use in your home or business, back to the grid.

    All our solar systems are fully installed by a qualified and approved installer.

  2. How does it work?

    The energy from the sun is captured through photovoltaic cells (solar panels) that are typically mounted on the side of your roof that has the most exposure to the sun (north or west).

    With an ABIOON solar system, your home or business can be grid free or remain connected to the main electricity grid that powers your area, so:

    • Your system can be stand alone or integrated with the existing grid connected electricity system on your premises
    • Any electricity that your system generates above what you use can be fed back into the grid
    • When you require more electricity than you are producing, your system imports it from the grid automatically
    • Your electricity bill is calculated as the difference between the amount of electricity you export from your solar system and the amount you import from the grid - you only pay for the electricity you use that is over and above what your solar energy system produces.
  3. Why choose ABIOON (ABIOON) solar power?

    • As Nigeria and one of the UK's number leading green energy providers, we have a range of off-grid and grid-connected solar energy systems to suit your needs
    • We have the experts and the experience to help you choose the best system for you
    • We offer competitive prices
    • We can help you with everything from selecting the right system, to installation by a qualified installer and connection to the grid.
    • Our systems are fully-installed and our solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer power output warranty.
  4. What's included in an ABIOON solar electric system?

    We provide you with:

    • A solar power generation system to suit your needs
    • A fixed price quotation that is valid for at least 45 days
    • Installation at a time that suits you, by a qualified installer

    We'll install your grid connected solar energy system which includes:

    • Solar panels for your roof
    • Inverter to convert DC to AC
    • Circuit breakers, cables, connections and labour
    • System manual

    We will also arrange connection to the electricity grid and meter changeover if required. There may be a fee associated with changing the electricity meter to an import/export electricity meter which is not included in our price. Please contact our sales and support team (sales@abioonenergysolutions.com or call) for further details on this

  5. Are there different system sizes?

    Our solar systems are available in a range of sizes, from 250Watts upwards. We can install a system that best suits your household or business needs.

  6. How much does a system cost?

    Prices start from NGN295,000 (£1114)  for a 250Watt a system with a standard installation.

    See our standard systems table below

    ABIOON Solar Power System for 6hrs minimum Backup

    The table above details your typical system capacity (from 250watts to 5KW), the appliances that it will power and associated costs –NGN- that you can expect to pay.

  7. How do I choose which solar power system is best for me?

    There are a few things you should consider when you are trying to decide what size system you are interested in. You should base your solar electricity system purchase on the following in order of priority:

    1. your budget;
    2. your available roof space (for solar panels);
    3. the amount of electricity you consume (kWh) per year or your yearly electricity bill amount (NGN,£,$) you want to save  ;
  8. Do you have to be an ABIOON customer?

    No, the system is available to all electricity customers, anywhere in Nigeria and the UK grid connected.

  9. Can this be used for solar hot water?

    No, this is an electricity generation system and is not for solar hot water. If you require a solar powered water system, we can design, install and manage this for your unique need.

  10. What are the warranties or what is the system life?

    Our solar power systems are specifically designed for 25 year life; on top of that ABIOON Energy stands by our own 3(or 5) year complete system warranty.

  11. Do solar power systems require maintenance?

    Our systems are designed to last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance requirements.  But you may want to wash the solar panels if they get dirty, dusty or covered in leaves, pollen etc so that they continue to produce the maximum amount of electricity. Our solar electricity systems contain no moving parts and are designed specifically for harsh environments

  12. Do I require any Council permits?

    A planning permit may be required if your property is identified as being located within a Heritage Area. In all cases, property owners should contact their local Council and ask to speak to a Council Planning Officer to discuss whether or not a Planning Permit will be required.


    A grid-tied system allows you to import electricity from the grid at times when your solar system is not producing enough to fulfill your needs, and also allows you to export excess electricity to the grid, which most electricity retailers will pay you for. For homes connected to the national electricity grid, this is the best option, customizable to suit any new or existing roof.